03 January, 2014

Browser Protections for the New Year

With the new year looking pretty cool (wink), I recommend users resolve to prep their web browsers from the beginning-of-semester online onslaught of phishing messages.

For protection from phishing attacks, it is best to install a browser plugin which will take reports from the phish tanks, so if you follow a link that you received in an email, you will get a warning page presented to you.  Two good plugins are:

BitDefender Traffic Light
McAfee SiteAdvisor  (also has an Android and Mac version).

Also, CWRU users should continue to use the Qualys Browser Check (requires CWRU login to access) plugin to advise them of when other browser add-ons are out of date (e.g. Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, Silverlight, etc.) since these can be targets of online attacks when not patched.